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Why Our Products Are The Best

They are durable, good looking to your satisfaction and they cover any section of your house, just name it.


There is a company that is a hero of every furniture needs and that is Master Wood Investments Limited. Do you need long lasting and smooth furniture for the best looks that you have dreamed of having in your house? Do you need in lager quantities for sell? We can do all that for you, place your order now.


Are you in need of Unique looks and experiences in your house or do you need to sell Unique furniture? Do you need furniture made specially for you? Walking barefooted on a very smooth wooden floor, a very comfortable and good looking bed! Get our sustainable and environmentally conscious.


Get your furniture that is with a more artistic appeal,a smooth and shiny surfaces. Our products have simple geometric shapes that have lighter visual appearances just as you need. Make your order according to your modern idea that you have for your home or your Business and we shall provide it.


The products at Master Wood Investments Limited are of your exceptional quality, clear geometric shapes and they are welcoming, attractive by their serene colors and atmosphere of reliability and imperial dignity. They contain a look that suits your desires.

Who We Are

Master wood is a one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of locally made high quality furniture in Uganda and east Africa. For more than 30 years in the wood and furniture industry.

Master Wood has built a reputation of offering the market greater choice, being honest with its clients and easy to work with and as a result we have grown into a respectable and reputable wood and furniture company.

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